How To Increase HDL Without Medication

Are you looking how to increase HDL without medication? That should be interesting, but incredibly wise, to say the least. As it is, there appears to be no medication that can increase HDL significantly.

Vitamin supplementation might work for some people, but you have to take it in large doses to realize its potential, and that does not come without repercussions, surely. Increasing HDL with medication may be considered an impossible dream because in truth most medications are formulated to decrease LDL. And so the decision to learn how to increase HDL without medication is just right.

You are probably thinking that it’s difficult to raise HDL levels naturally. It may take some time, yes, but it’s not really difficult once you have set your heart to do things the natural way.

Commitment is key to making it work, and that ought to be the first thing you need to equip yourself with. Then when you have your heart and mind to raising HDL levels to 60 mg/dL, do the following:

* Exercise. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming raise the heart rate, and lowers LDL levels. As it does, there, too is a resulting increase in the HDL levels. Exercising regularly increases your body’s fat-burning potential. More fats getting burned means less fats circulating in your system, which further means less chances of them forming plaque that clog your heart’s arteries.

* Go on a healthy diet. This is not to say that you will go on a no-fat diet. Even that is not recommended because for one thing, not all fats are bad. There are good fats, too, apparently, and the good fats are necessary to maintain well-being. Going on a healthy diet means staying away from fried foods and saturated fat, and sticking instead to foods that have high fiber content and Omega-3 fatty acids. Green and leafy vegetables, nuts, and fish, top the list of these food essentials for good heart health; so do citrus foods, soy, garlic and onion. When you do have to fry your foods, use monosaturated fatty acids, like canola oil or olive oil. It might cost more, but it’s healthier.

* Avoid obesity. Obesity usually comes with increased levels of LDL (the bad fat), thereby increasing the risk of heart disease. Avoiding obesity is therefore a must when you are trying to raise your HDL and improve heart health in the process. This may not be easy with the lure of junk foods and modern technology, but it is not impossible either when you have the determination.

* Quit the bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are two vices you would definitely want to stay away from when your goal is to increase your HDL levels. Smoking does not do the heart any good. In fact it chokes the heart and suffocates the cells. This means less nutrients getting through. Alcoholic beverages, meanwhile, are loaded with calories, empty calories, that is.

Patience would have its rewards sooner or later. Learning how to increase HDL without medication should bring in results in due time.

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