How To Increase HDL Naturally

That many are searching for ways how to increase HDL naturally isn’t surprising. After all, there appears to be no chemical drug that’s designed to increase HDL, and even if there were, they are not very effective, unlike statins that seem to work like magic in decreasing bad cholesterol. In addition, you really wouldn’t want to depend on drugs to raise the levels of your HDL because drugs often come with side effects, and the same can be said of cholesterol-reducing drugs, like statins. Even though statins work very effectively, they can cause sleepless nights, anxiety, and damage to your organs. That’s the problem with taking drugs – there’s always at least one negative side effect. So it really does not come as a surprise anymore to find so many people learning how to increase HDL naturally. Men and women, young and old, are scampering for reliable information on the net and outside the web.

Increasing HDL naturally is indeed possible through the following means:

* Eating chicken curry. Curry or curcumin is found to increase HDL by close to 30% after several months. Cook your chicken in curry powder and you’ll love not just the taste but the fact that your HDL is increasing.

* Taking Vitamin B3 or Niacin. If you think this B vitamin is the least important of all the B vitamins, think again. There are studies linking Niacin consumption to increased levels of HDL in the body by as much as 8!

* Taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Having as much antioxidants in the body as possible is very important in preventing heart diseases brought about by high levels of bad cholesterol. Making sure you get enough Vitamin C and Vitamin E is key to keeping your bad cholesterol at bay and increasing your good cholesterol at the same time.

* Exercising daily. Engaging in a cardio activity improves your body’s metabolism and its ability to burn fats fast. Walk as much as you can, participate in marathons, run miles, go bicycle riding, swim, do aerobics, dance – there are really plenty of fun exercises you can do to raise your good cholesterol.

* Making wise food choices. Eating fish, nuts, and whole wheat can help resolve the issue of high cholesterol levels. These foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for brain development and heart health.

* Quitting bad habits. If smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and eating junk foods are part of your normal life, commit to quitting them now if you want to raise your HDL levels.

Increasing HDL is necessary as it lowers one’s risk for heart disease. This good cholesterol works by taking the excess cholesterol into the liver and not circulating in the blood where it can attach to fibrin and other elements causing plaque. In the liver, the excess cholesterol is processed and then moves out of the body. And so while reducing the bad cholesterol is very important, learning how to increase HDL naturally should not be taken for granted either.

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