How to Increase HDL Levels

Learning how to increase HDL levels is not complicated as you might think. All the information you can find on the internet can be overwhelming, but the points being stressed are essentially the same when it comes to increasing HDL levels. You might be more thankful if there are enough videos or step by step guides showing you how to increase HDL levels naturally or not, but the information contained on the articles is simple enough to understand, even by those who do not have a medical degree.

So what are the most basic things to remember? First of all, you need to understand that HDL stands for high density lipoprotein. More simply put, it’s called your good cholesterol. The good cholesterol needs to be at higher levels as it protects the heart and reduces chances of fats clogging the arterial walls. The good cholesterol is more specifically involved in bringing the excess fats into the liver so they are processed and excreted out of the body. This may sound like a great piece of news for those who love to eat fat, but it does not suggest that you can go overboard in your diet and expect your good cholesterol to take over. You cannot take too much fat, at least not more than what your good cholesterol can cope with.

Okay, so increasing your HDL is a good idea, but how do you do it? Where do you start? The obvious has been mentioned – keep your fatty intake down. Change your dietary habits if they involve French Fries everyday and no greens at all. Avoid going to take out restaurants where you may be tempted to order stuff that’s been battered in flour and deep fried in oil. These food choices will only bring the levels of your bad cholesterol up, which means that you will have more fat circulating in your system. You need to eat lots of fiber, too, so make sure every meal comes with green and leafy vegetables. Fiber helps to keep your system clean and your metabolism going, sweeping toxins out of your body. If you’re still onto white bread, make the healthy shift to wheat bread – it has more fiber content and Omega 3 that helps prevent heart problems.

And while you are attempting to change your food habits, you must refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Smoking kills the cells. You’ve seen the tagline in cigarette packs – “Government Warning: Smoking Is Dangerous To One’s Health”. You’ve heard it said over and over in cigarette advertisements. Smoking burdens the heart. Need I say more?

They say that red wine is good for the heart. Well that is party true because wine is made from grapes, and grape’s skin has incredible heart benefits. However, the alcoholic component reduces the grape’s medicinal value, and alcohol as you must know has lots of calories. A few ounces of red wine may be good, but don’t make it an everyday habit to down several glasses of wine.

A final word, learning how to increase HDL levels ironically begins from the heart with a firm and sincere commitment to change your life.

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