How To Increase HDL Level

Is there anything else you haven’t heard about how to increase HDL level that you have not heard before at least a couple of times? If you have been scouring the virtual environment, you must have chanced upon a great number of articles how to raise HDL levels. You’ve been told perhaps the same things over and over – get some exercise, eat the healthier fats, lose weight, stop smoking, and so on. Would there be any fresh ideas how to increase HDL level?

How To Increase HDL LevelMaybe you haven’t found out yet that eating eggs can raise HDL levels. Lots of people are surprised by this because it used to be said that eating eggs a day is dangerous to your health. Eggs have cholesterol, don’t they? Well that was before it was learned that there is a good cholesterol and that it exists in eggs. Eating eggs gets you more of the healthier fats, as it is. The problem is when you eat eggs, you might be tempted to eat bacon, too. Don’t they go together – bacon and eggs? But bacon does not have the healthy fat that egg does, and this is what makes it dangerous to eat eggs. The healthiest way to enjoy an egg is to eat it hard-boiled, not fried, and definitely without bacon!

Drinking cranberry juice also helps to increase HDL levels. Cranberry juice has earned worldwide recognition as an alternative treatment for urinary tract infections. Accordingly there are components in this wonder berry that appear to keep the bacteria from sticking into the walls of the urinary tract. Now its benefits extend beyond the urinary tract, and go right up to the heart as well. Cranberry juice may not be the best tasting juice out there, but it is definitely one of the healthiest.

Go nuts with nuts – especially when you are trying to raise HDL levels. Nuts have Omega-3 fatty acids, the essential fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol. Eat them without salt, though, as much as possible, because too much salt may harm your kidneys and raise your blood pressure.

Keeping your HDL levels above 60 mg/dL is highly recommended. You need at least this number to keep the bad cholesterol from circulating in the blood and then clogging your arterial walls. Keeping your good cholesterol up may not necessarily mean that your bad cholesterol automatically decreases, (although it can keep you out of trouble nonetheless). You don’t just work on increasing HDL levels, then. You also have to take means to decrease your bad cholesterol. Maybe your doctor can prescribe statins if your LDL is too high. Statins are drugs that help regulate bad cholesterol. Then again, these drugs do come with side effects and so they are to be taken only under the guidance of a specialist.

Even though you may be doing all that is recommended to raise HDL levels, you still need to submit yourself to regular blood work, especially if heart disease runs in your family. Also, visit your doctor regularly; your doctor may suggest varied ways how to increase HDL level.

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