How To Increase HDL Cholesterol

There certainly is more than just one way how to increase HDL cholesterol. If you are not into the idea of taking medications to increase your HDL level, this article should be of great benefit to you, so read on.

HDL is cholesterol, and though you must have heard plenty of negative feedbacks against cholesterol, you must know that cholesterol is of several types, and that it is not essentially bad, even the bad cholesterol. Besides, the body produces cholesterol, does it not? So what does it tell you? That the body needs it, of course! So how can anything you need be bad for you, right?

What makes the bad cholesterol bad is when it’s way beyond its limits, but if you can keep the number between 70 to 100, then you should do okay. The problem is that while the body does produce even the bad cholesterol, going on a high fat diet loads even more bad cholesterol than your system can get rid of. When this happens, there is a greater need to find out how to increase HDL cholesterol.

HDL, as you must know now, is the good cholesterol. It is the kind that offers many benefits to the body, especially when it comes to warding off health problems. This good cholesterol transports the excess cholesterol back to the liver to be broken down and eventually eliminated out of the body. This practically eliminates the possibility of the bad cholesterol clumping along with other substances and clogging the arteries of the heart. See how health-beneficial it is to have your HDL in high numbers? But how high is high enough?

You need your HDL to be at least 60 mg. If it goes below that, you could be in trouble, more so if your bad cholesterol level is higher than normal. Well, you can always try to increase your HDL, and you’ll be surprised to know that there’s nothing complicated about raising HDL levels. But it involves desire, commitment, and common sense. If you want to increase your good cholesterol, you need to commit to doing the following:

* Exercise daily. Walk to the park, dance to the music, paint the town red on board your bicycle. These activities increase your body’s metabolism, raise your heart rate, and increase your HDL. When planning to do anything strenuous, though, make sure your doctor knows about it, especially if you have a heart problem to begin with.

* Don’t go on a fad diet. Very often, doctors tell their patients with high cholesterol levels to lose weight, but going on a fad diet isn’t the solution to cholesterol and weight problems. You might instead, want to make wise food choices. For example, instead of snacking on French fries and potato chips, munch on nuts as these are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Actually, you don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight or increase your HDL. Just eat more vegetables, fruits, and protein from fish.

Learning how to increase HDL cholesterol is necessary, whether or not you have a heart problem.

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