How To Increase HDL Cholesterol Levels

There are several practical tricks that will show you how to increase HDL cholesterol levels. By now you must have heard quite a lot about cholesterol and its threat to one’s health. Wouldn’t increasing cholesterol levels spell death? But cholesterol is of two types – there’s the good cholesterol and there’s the bad cholesterol.

How To Increase HDL Cholesterol LevelsThe good cholesterol naturally has to be increased. Because it’s good, you need more of it, right? The bad cholesterol obviously has to be controlled so it does not exceed 160 mg/dL. If it does, you have to take the means to bring the number down, else the excess fats will start to build up in your system, forming plaque. When the plaque hardens, it becomes more difficult for oxygenated blood to pass through the heart’s arterial walls, and cell death may start to occur. Over time, the arterial walls will clog, reducing the heart’s ability to function normally.

Raising HDL is necessary to prevent this from happening. If you know how to increase HDL cholesterol levels, you can keep the excess bad cholesterol out of your system. Some may consider it rather unfortunate that there appears to be no drugs to increase HDL. If there are they are not as effective as those made to decrease the bad cholesterol.

Even then, there should be no reason to despair because increasing HDL levels is still possible via natural means. It may take a while though before you can experience anything significant, but the point is, it can happen in due time. To increase your HDL, you only need to be more careful with the things you eat, preferring steamed or raw foods to fried foods, vegetables, fruits, and fish to meat, and nuts to junk foods.

Eating boiled eggs every day also helps raise the good cholesterol. Surprised? Well, you are not alone. It used to be thought that eggs, being high in cholesterol, are bad for the heart. But what people didn’t realize then is that eggs are high in good cholesterol, not the bad cholesterol. And so eating eggs every day should be a good way to boost your heart health. But of course it has to be emphasized that the eggs should not be eaten fried. Cooking the eggs in oil, unless if it is in olive oil, lessens their nutritional value.

Notwithstanding, you have to supplement your daily diet with Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary in brain development and in normal heart functioning. While these essential fatty acids are not normally produced by the body, they can be sourced from oily fish and nuts. There are also Omega-3 supplements that come in gel form.

These supplements, though, may cause blood thinning, and so if you have bleeding problems to begin with, taking precautions is necessary. Along with Omega-3, you must supplement your body with Vitamin C and Vitamin E (both antioxidants), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), and selenium (an essential mineral). All these are very important when you want to take steps how to increase HDL cholesterol levels.

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