How To Increase HDL

Many years ago, people didn’t take so much interest in learning how to increase HDL naturally or otherwise. Most focused on decreasing LDL or the bad cholesterol, without realizing that increasing HDL (the good cholesterol) at the same time would have achieved better results when it came to heart health.

Decreasing the bad cholesterol is necessary to stop or prevent the formation of plaque that clog the arteries, but increasing HDL does more than that. As you know, HDL helps to bring the excess bad cholesterol to the liver. There, the bad cholesterol is processed to be excreted out of the body. So you see, there’s no way for the bad cholesterol to form plaque. And this is the reason why knowing how to increase HDL is just as important as knowing how to decrease LDL.

You may not want to depend on drugs to increase HDL, though, as such are found to be not as successful as those formulated to decrease LDL levels. But your doctor may recommend putting you on niacin therapy. Niacin, specifically in the form of nicotinic acid, is said to be very effective in raising HDL levels when consumed in large doses. It must be emphasized, however, never to self-medicate, especially since taking too much of anything must have some consequences. If you are to take niacin therapy it has to be under the guidance of a specialist.

Increasing HDL levels requires submission to a diet that does not contain saturated fats and trans fats. When you are trying to raise your HDL levels to 60mg/dL, you must have the following foods in your diet:

* Eggs. You probably weren’t expecting this. After all, didn’t they say eggs increase cholesterol levels? Well, the fact has not changed. Eggs do increase cholesterol levels, but it’s the good cholesterol they raise, not the bad cholesterol. So eating one egg a day is actually a good thing, for as long as they are not fried. Frying the eggs in saturated oil diminishes their nutritional value and loads bad cholesterol into your system.

* Cranberry Juice. You must have heard so much about cranberry juice being considered a treatment for urinary tract infections. Well, it appears to help raise HDL levels, too. One glass of cranberry juice (without the additional sugar, of course) a day increases good cholesterol levels by as much as 8% in 3 months.

* Cocoa. Yes, cocoa also helps to increase HDL, but choose the kind that is pure and not premixed with other additives because you might not be getting the same nutritional value.

While working on increasing your HDL, don’t take for granted the need to lower your bad cholesterol. If you are not on cholesterol-reducing medications, consider submitting to a healthy diet that involves lots of greens as these help greatly in reducing bad cholesterol. Don’t make things any worse by smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Rather, make time to do some brisk walking every day or hit the gym at least once a week. By being mindful of how to increase HDL, you’re only a step away to having a healthy heart.

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Hopefully, we help you find the best natural way to increase your HDL naturally 🙂

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